The Sh** I Have to Deal With

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Pippen’s late-night walks have been going great for the most part. Me and my cousins have been going everyday around 10pm, which is great because anytime I see Pippen not doing anything, I feel terrible inside. I know that if I was in his position, I would not want to be left to do nothing. Especially because me and my brothers are usually busy with school and work, which leaves him bored for a few hours, but I try my hardest when I am not busy with homework to make sure that he is energetic and running a lot. My favorite thing to do is take one of his billion toys and run around the house with it because he picks up on it and immediately chases after me. It’s fun in the beginning but then the mood turns sour when Pippen knocks me over and I’m on the ground in pain.

Pippen deserves to interact with his surroundings, no one should be a barrier to him. I feel that it is my job to be his biggest supporter because he is so young and I am one of very few people he knows very well. Over the past four years, I have grown to understand how he feels and what his likes and dislikes are. Here’s my issue with my brothers: They haven’t been walking Pippen since the beginning of fall, due to school and work. I find their reasons to be the highest level of BS because I myself am in the same predicament. I remember when we were all begging our parents for a dog and the countless responsibilities that they said they would take on, I never fail to remind them either. It makes me really angry that they would just drop all of this. To be honest though, they pretty much stopped putting in any work around the second year though, which is so dumb. But I would rather not fight with them. My main issue is that they are not putting in as much work or even any work for that matter. I just want them to put the work in, to take Pippen out to the backyard or to just engage with him in general on an hourly basis like myself.

IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK?!! But no really, it sucks. 

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