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In today’s lecture, we spoke about the pros of inputting ads into our blogs. I feel like at this point, this blog does not have enough of an audience yet. Although I am able to post content on a weekly basis, my main issue is the layout and design of my blog. I don’t think that it has enough intrigue to draw the audience in. Once the design and layout of the blog is better, I could see myself working harder to reach a larger audience.

I think that The Life of Pip could definitely be a blog with ads because as a dog lover myself, I value the opinions of other dog lovers. Of course I don’t just take the opinions of people on the Internet but there are instances where I will be curious about ingredients, foods, or products that I can use on Pippen. I would never advertise anything that Pippen does not use himself and one that is not approved by his veterinarian because I myself am simply a dog lover, I do not have the educational background to evaluate what is safe and what is not.

Currently, I have inserted an html box with a BarkBox referral code. This is the closest I have gotten so far, in terms of reaching my audience and their wallet. But with BarkBox, I am not necessarily making any money because if someone joins the program, we both get one month for free, I make no money whatsoever. However, I do save money.


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